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Restaurants open and close, but what always remains are the people. So if you're interested in serving the underserved, impacting an industry, and supporting a community that hustles for every dollar they earn — you came to the right place.

Our core values behaviors

We don't have core values, because values mean nothing without action. So these are our core behaviors.

Members First

We listen closely to our members, and use their feedback to inform what’s important for our products and services.

Purpose Driven

We harness the synergy of our members-first approach with a laser-focus on the restaurant industry. We are uniquely positioned to help hourly workers achieve financial stability, health, and happiness in life.

Create an Intentionally Open Environment

We create a safe, inclusive environment for our people to share and build on diverse viewpoints and ideas.

Equity Is Our Behavioral Advantage

Through our behavior, we create equity for our people, with our products, and in collaboration with our partners. It’s a critical advantage in how we serve the industry.

Bias Towards Critical Action

We set clear goals, prioritizing what’s critical, and follow through on what needs to be done well.

Act like owners

We’re all responsible for Seasoned’s success. No need is too great, no job is too small.

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