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We bring the service industry together to succeed in work and life.

We want to empower every hourly professional to achieve financial security, health, and happiness in life, while positively impacting their industries and society.

Serving the service industry in your city.

Workers cook and serve food all day yet struggle to provide for their own families. Opportunities are hard to find. Employee turnover is constant. Finding help takes time and money that is not always available. Food service professionals need a place of their own that understands their challenges, speaks their language, and helps them to grow. That’s why we created Seasoned.

Local jobs and community, perfect together.

Seasoned is the only social community exclusively for service industry workers near you. 

Workers use the Seasoned app to get interviews fast for local jobs and get daily support and advice from their service industry family. 

Business owners use Seasoned Recruit to hire service workers in 48 hours or less from our community of top restaurant talent.

$19B dollar annual spend, remains #1 problem in restaurants today.
Over 100% of hourly staff turnover every year.
17% of restaurant workers live below the poverty line.

We care because we’ve been there.

Our people have over 100 years of cumulative experience working in restaurants and bars. We know the long hours, the unruly customers, the hard work. We also understand the flexibility you need and we want the best for you, whether that’s landing a job or hiring team members.


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